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In 1987 the movie the “Color of Money” starring Paul Newman and Tom Cruise hit the screens and gave rise to a new wave of pool players across the country. Blackball was at the cutting edge in designing and manufacturing coin-operated tables which led us to the unique patented “L” and “Y” tables into the early 90’s.

On a trip to the USA to promote the “L” pool table our destiny brought us to the Jukebox business which we decided to develop our own Jukes locally as the “Duke, Knight and Hotbox” models and started to manufacture in 1994.

Today we proudly manufacture a variety of quality Pool tables, Foosball tables, Jukeboxes, Video Games, Blackjack, Poker and Card tables as well as Mechanical Rodeo Bulls, Surf Simulators and Dunk Tanks.

We also have the capacity and design facility to make custom Pubs for home Games rooms areas and unusual pool tables for the discerning buyer.

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