Pool-, Snooker -& Billiards Tables

Billiards tables are our first passion and what got Blackball started. We offer a wide variety of pool & snooker tables to fit your own personal needs.

Tables With Tops & Benches For Dinner Conversions

Not everyone has a spare room just for a pool table. In those cases, a dinner conversion table can be the ideal choice! The Slimline & Classic Custom table ranges both come with an optional table top to match the design of the table, as well as short or long benches. This allows for a quick transformation from pool table to dinner table.

L & Coin Operated Tables

If you are looking for a new challenge to your pool game, you should consider our unique & patented L-shaped pool table. This table will give you a whole new way of looking at playing billiards.

For Pubs, Bars & Restaurants wishing to add a pool table for their guests, Blackball also make coin-operated pool tables. The choice of mechanism is yours!

Quality & Customization Options

For all tables, we only use the highest quality components available. For all new tables you will be able to choose the type of playing cloth, the colour of the cloth and the colour of the table. Optionally you can add your own custom design or brand image as well.