Multi-ride Rodeo Bull

//Multi-ride Rodeo Bull

Multi-ride Rodeo Bull


Bucking Bull, Mechanical Bull or Rodeo Bull – you’ll have a bucking good time

The best mechanical bull in SA! Versatile model with easily interchangeable rides.

Finish: Fibreglass body covered with real cow hide.



This unique multi-ride system allows for changing rides. Blackball offer a unique American style Rodeo Bull. This life size model will certainly put the kick back into your event. This ride actually simulates riding on a bucking bull and you will need all your strength and ability to stay hanging on. Electronically controlled and surrounded by an inflatable bed for safety.
This is excitement at its most extreme. Perfect for every occasion.

  • It can be set up indoors or outdoors on a flat area near to power.
  • Operating space of 6 x 6m x 2.8 m height.
  • Needs an entrance of normal door +- 850 mm
  • Fast and Easy to set up –within 30 minutes of the event start time!
  • It is very important to ensure that a reliable 220v 15Amp breaker electrical supply within 15mts of the set-up area is provided.

A “Quick Stop” motor allows the operator to safely control the ride and ensure safety for the rider; this feature allows the operator to stop the ride prior to a rider being thrown. The trained operator at the variable speed control box regulates the unit’s Buck-and-Spin speed, as well as spin direction. The equipment has the capability of starting rides very slowly and speeds can be advanced according to a rider’s ability. It can go slowly and simply spin for beginners and run at greater speed for experts.

Available to purchase complete with Bull Ride, Safety Air Mat , Blower and Control box unit.

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Weight 386 kg


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